Exseed Dabcool W3 Kit

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Exseed Dabcool W3 Kit is a water pipe vaporizer. It comes with 450mAh battery capacity and features three levels of output voltage (3.4V/3.7V/4.2V). With super standby time, you can use it while punching. The ceramic heating head makes it heat more blocks. What's more, it supports iquid, tobacco paste and tobacco, you can choose the one you like. There is a optional magnetic structure bracket for convenient usage. In addition, It also features protection design that will protect the charging port from water or other objects. The atomizer protective cover will protect the atomizer and keep it from burning. Reminder: water will damage the inner wall of the atomizer, please keep it away from water.

1. 450mAh battery capacity
2. Three consecutive downshifts
3. Double-click warm up
4. Long press to heat
5. Ceramic heating head
6. Supports iquid, tobacco paste and tobacco
7. Optional magnetic structure bracket

Technical Data:
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Size: 177*46*46mm
Output Voltage: 3.4V/3.7V/4.2V
Colors: Gunmetal, Red, Blue, White

Package Includes:
1* Host
1* Packing Box
1* Charging Cable
1* Silicone Box
2* Atomizer Head
1* User Manual

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