Collection: Wismec

The manufacturer WISMEC cigarettes have their price, because quality you get even as a steamer not given! If you have a little more budget for e-cigarettes and steaming, with the Venti, Presa or Reuleaux you will find very high-quality and really reliable e-cigarettes, which are worth more than every euro. WISMEC offers premium quality and that has its price. The former Joyetech subsidiary produces the Reuleaux and other models in China, the design comes from the USA. WISMEC - the niche manufacturer of batteries and battery carriers. WISMEC is still a niche manufacturer, but the product portfolio is growing at a rapid pace. WISMEC prides itself on having some of the world's best brains in its staffing team, with constant research and continuous development, as well as cutting-edge technologies to completely re-sort the e-cigarette market.
WISMEC - with cutting-edge technologies from the Reuleaux. It is more than astonishing what WISMEC has launched on the market in the last twelve months alone: the WISMEC Skyladon, the WISMEC Venti, the WISMEC Indestructible, the WISMEC Noisy Cricket MOD, the WISMEC Presa TC 75 W and the WISMEC Amor Plus was launched on the market almost every month. WISMEC - Reuleaux RX 2/3.