Wismec Theorem

This sets new standards not only by the Notchcoil. The Notchcoil is a fine, notched stainless steel tube, with welded contacts. The notches increase the heating surface so much liquid is evaporated at the same time. The result is an outstanding taste with enormous steam development. Designed by steamers for steamers, the theorem also impresses with a completely new approach to air circulation. The Airflowcontrol sits under the topcap and can be easily adapted to your own needs. Accidental Airflow adjustment is nearly impossible. Another bonus of the top mounted Airflow is the leakage safety of the evaporator. It is easily filled from above, to the complete topcap including Airflow simply pull off from the tank, the liquid in at least 3ml capacity reservoir, continue to evaporate. Of course, the easily accessible deck can also be operated with its own windings.