Wismec IndeReserve

The IndeReserve RTA is another result of a successful collaboration between the designer JayBo and the manufacturer Wismec. This self-winders is a tank evaporator in the style of an RDTA. The deck has a total of four wire holes in which special wires such as Clapton's can be easily clamped. The standard setup are dual coil windings. Thanks to the very large space available, even larger windings fit onto the deck. The tank section is located below the deck, from which liquid migrates over the cotton wool. A practical sidefilling function makes refilling much easier. For this the upper part of the IndeReserve has to be pulled up, the filling hole appears directly above the tank. The hidden draft control is located at TopCap. By turning the cap, it is possible to adjust the draft as desired. For a quick and easy start you will find not only spare parts, but also two ready-made Clapton coils and a cotton pad.