The Inde Duo is a new evaporator of the RDA series by JayBo. It stands out from the crowd with the unique Vortex Airflow. The Airflow can be set arbitrarily via an AFC ring on the TopCap and ensures various steam experiences. In the middle there is a big glass so you can see its winding. In addition to this 30 mm tube is also a simple 22 mm tube made of stainless steel available. There is enough space on the deck for all types of windings, whether dual or quad coil. The posts are designed so that everyone can individually wrap the Inde Duo RDA. There are five 2.2 mm wide holes available. The conical TopCap comes with the unique Vortex construction, which swirls and accelerates the air or steam, which promises a better taste experience. The ~ 15mm x 1.7mm air intakes on the TopTop provide plenty of air on the windings. The air is directed through the housing directly onto the windings. The 22 mm tube has 3 holes on both sides and supplies the Inde Duo RDA with air just like normal RDA's. The gold-plated positive pole is adjustable, which ensures a perfect connection to the battery carrier.