WISMEC Amor Mini

With the Reuleaux RX75 TC, Wismec's chief designer JayBo has already made another big splash. The futuristic design with no visible buttons and a wide range of adjustment options make the Reuleaux RX75 TC stand out from the gray mass. From a single 18650'er battery can be retrieved up to 75 watts. The precise temperature control prevents unwanted dry hits, supports factory-made heating elements made of nickel, titanium and stainless steel, thus increasing the runtime of the coils used by the way. For more exotic materials or mixed builds, three memory slots are available in TCR mode. Here, the temperature coefficient of the winding can be individually adjusted and adjusted. The TC mode control range starts at 100 ° C and ends at 315 ° C. The usual well-readable display provides all data at any time. If you can do without it, use the bonus feature and simply hide the display behind a protective flap. Of course, the Reuleaux RX75 TC has all the usual security measures.