Vaporesso Aurora

Sometimes having something familiar in your hand can be key when you’re trying to quit smoking tobacco or cigarettes, so what better form for a vape than your old favourite lighter! The Aurora by Vaporesso is a Zippo-style MTL device featuring CCELL coils, a nice automatic MTL draw and a convenient and familiar body styling. Aside from cigalikes, I can’t think of any design that speaks more directly to former smokers than a Zippo-styled device.
But the Vaporesso Aurora is not the first Zippo-styled vape product. The Fumytech EZ Pipe, the Horde Mini by Boom Boom Vape, and even Vintage E-liquids all have made products using this form factor. But since this is solely a mouth-to-lung draw, and so simple to use, I think this could be a good kit for smokers looking to make the switch.