Collection: SMOK

Now proudly stocking vape products from all of the world's top vaping manufacturers, SMOK fills out the lineup nicely with some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. While they initially focused on products for more technically seasoned cigarette users, they’ve since introduced products that meet the needs of vapers at all experience levels while still upholding their reputation of being durable and ground-breaking. SMOKtech vape pens and mods are some of the best on the market. Whatever your preference is, if you want a top-of-the-line vape pens that will fit your needs, VaporFi has got you covered. Founded in 2010 in Shenzen, SMOK has carved out a foothold in a difficult market. The SMOK vape brand started out with a small number of products and rapidly expanded to their offering line to include some insanely popular vapes and tanks. SMOK has a history of creating products that become the industry standard, mainly focused on their main line focused around the Alien: The SMOK Alien 220w & SMOK Alien Baby. SMOK has also produced some amazing, more beginner friendly kits in the SMOK Stick AIO, SMOK Vape Pen 22, and SMOK Stick V8. All three devices provide great power in a simple to use, intuitive interface that makes it easy for new vapers. SMOK also produced some of the most versatile tanks on the market: the SMOK Beast Line. These tanks (including the TFV8 Baby Beast & TFV12 Cloud Beast King) are able to used with multiple different types of coils, allowing you to customize your vaping experience without changing tanks.