Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C

The name Lost Vape has long been synonymous with high quality battery carriers. Both in the processing of materials, as well as in the outstanding design. Anyone who has held a Therion box in their hands knows the incredible quality. The paranormal boxes from continue this series in a straight line. Whether you choose the carbon or leather look on the back of the battery carrier, the fascination of unpacking the boxes is incomparable. Thanks to the color display, the information can be read very clearly and the optics receives another highlight. The inlays on the side walls are held with a magnet. Included in delivery, another set of inlays is in a different design, so the box can be customized to personal preference. Each press of the buttons underlines the top quality of Paranormal boxes even more. Inside, a DNA75C chip from Evolv works. 75 watts, the Paranormal box can shoot with it on the winding of the mounted evaporator. Anyone who has ever owned a DNA box knows that the power output here is much more precise compared to mods without a DNA chip. This means that 75 watts in a DNA mod really promise absolutely full performance.