Joyetech Ultimo

The latest stroke of genius for the ultimate in steam fun - With the release of the Ultimo vaporizer Joyetech once again proves its skills. The newly developed MG evaporator heads can withstand a battery power of up to 100 watts and come in different versions, each with different features. So the ceramic coil convinced by long life and clear taste. The MG Clapton Coil offers the perfect combination of excellent steam development and very good aroma development. The QCS Notchcoil is not only the master of the best taste, it also allows a simple cotton change and is therefore very user-friendly. Even self-winding come with the separately available MG RTA head at their expense. The Joyetech Ultimo is filled cleanly and comfortably from above. The vaporizer, as used by Joyetech, has a very good build quality and can be disassembled for easy cleaning.