Innokin Endura T18

Switching from cigarette to e-cigarette is often very confusing for many budding ex-smokers. Innokin creates simplicity here. The Endura T18 starter kit could hardly be simpler to use. 5-click on 5-click. The border of the fire button is illuminated and depending on how the battery is, the light color changes. The built-in battery has 1000 mAh, so it does not have to be constantly recharged, but can survive even longer trips well. The evaporator in the set, the Endura Prism, has a tank volume of 2.5 ml for the desired e-liquid. The associated evaporator heads, have many large liquid holes, so it does not matter which mixing ratio of PG to VG in the Endura T18 set is used. If you want more steam but a little less flavor, you prefer heavier liquids to VG. If you want more flavor and less steam, you should get Liquids with a higher PG content.