Collection: Aspire Nautilus X

To succeed the successor of a formerly very popular evaporator is not easy. But Aspire's Nautilus X lives up to its name. Aspire manages to combine an excellent steam experience with thoughtful ease-of-use. Also thanks to the newly developed U-Tech evaporator heads! Available in three different color versions (silver, black and gold), and with a diameter of 22 mm, the Nautilus X cuts a fine figure on a variety of battery carriers! The evaporator heads of the Nautilus X have a resistance of 1.5 Ω and Aspire recommends the use of an output power between 14 and 20 watts. The difference with the Nautilus X makes the U-Tech Coil technology! Within the evaporator head is a U-shaped evaporator chamber with two windings. Thanks to this innovative design, the air flows through a hot winding twice in succession, before the steam is inhaled - creating a completely new steam experience! The Nautilus X is refilled quickly and cleanly from above. Simply turning the TopCap opens the 2ml glass tank. The new top airflow system makes it easy to regulate the airflow at TopCap.