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DAZZLEAF Hukii Dab Rig Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit

DAZZLEAF Hukii Dab Rig Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit

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The DAZZLEAF Hukii Dab Rig Kit is a high-quality, portable electronic vaporizer / Dab Rig / E-Nail that produces amazing quality vapor. The Hukii has a really cool design that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It's like holding a can of soda with a straw. The Hukii Dab Rig comes with an indicator light to show the battery life, 4 grid lights are 100% battery, 3 grid lights are 75% battery, 2 grid lights are 50% battery and 1 grid light is 25% battery. It Feature 1800mAh Large Battery Capacity.

Technical Data:
Size: 60mm*110mm
Battery: Two 18350 built-in batteries 1800mah
Output Temperature: 500F/550F/650F
Output Voltage: 3.4V Blue: 3.6V Purple: 3.8V
Atomizer resistance: 0.5ohm
Standby current: <20UA
Charging adaptor: 5V 1A
Charging time: 3 Hours

Package Includes:
1* Hukii Dab Rig
1* Magnetic Top Cap
1* Glass Straw Mouthpiece
1* Glass Stem Intake Pipe
2* Ceramic Cup Wax Atomizers
1* Micro USB Charger
1* Dab Tool
1* Cotton Swab
1* User Manual
1* Gift Box

How to USE:
1. Fully charge the device before first use. The power light will flash while charging, and turns solid when complete.
2. Adding water: Fill the Hukii base with water, We recommend filling to the halfway point of the beaker base.
But feel free to add less water to achieve your preferred percolation. Do not overfill past the halfway point.
3. Turn On/ Off: Press the power button 5 times continuously to turn on/off the device. The bottom led will flash 5 times in a white light when it's turned on. And the bottom led will flash 5 times with a red light when it's turned off.
4. The power button LED lights to indicate different battery levels: four grid-100%, three grid-75%, two grid-50%, one grid25%. The LED will flash while charging. All four-grid LEDs will be lightened on when fully charged.
5. Three temperatures: Green: 3.4V 500°F; Blue: 3.6V 550°F; Purple: 3.8V 600F
6. Sesh Mode: Long press the power button for 3 seconds. This will activate the 35 seconds 'sesh mode' (5 seconds preheat time then 30 seconds dabbing time. The bottom Led will flash when preheated. Bottom LED keeps lighting on when it,s ready to use after preheat time)
7. Temperature Switch: You can press the power button 3 times continuously to switch the temperatures you want in sesh mode. Every time you switch the temperature, the device will restart the 35s sesh mode. The power button flashes 10 times indicating a low battery and needs to be charged. The device will be turned off automatically without use in 5 minutes. After use and when the atomizer has cooled, wipe around the Atomizer to remove unused wax.
To ensure performance and safe vaping, please read the entire manual carefully for instruction.
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