Credit Card Payment Failure Reasons and Solutions

June 09, 2022

Please kindly note that repeated orders can be failed and rejected by the risk control system, so you may get the high risk error notice.

If the transaction fails more than 2 times or you have any questions, please contact our customer service at with your order number.

Please check the solutions for failed Credit Card orders below.


Failure Reason


1. Transaction not permitted
2. Authentication required, refer to card issuer
3. Do not honor, refer to card issuer

Please contact the issuing bank to authorize your transaction and get back to us or reorder with another card.

4. Insufficient Funds
5. Exceeds amount limit

Your balance is insufficient or limited, please recharge the card or reorder with a different card.

6. Invalid parameter
7. Duplicate transaction
8. Possible fraud/Risk order
9. Invalid transaction
10.Transaction has already been settled or reversed
11. Hot card, pickup if possible
12. Restricted card
13. Activity count limit exceeded
14. Exceeds PIN retry
15. No reason to decline
16. Issuer suspected fraud/Acquirer error

Please send us the order number to check.

17. Sign error
18. Invalid amount
19. Invalid card number
20. Expired card/Incorrect PIN
21. Invalid account
22. Issuer not available
23. Invalid expiry date
24. Invalid card verification value
25. 3DS authentication failed
26. Blocked card

Please check the card information and try again.

27. System error
28. Timeout at issuer system

Please try again later.