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DAZZLEAF PIXii Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit



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DAZZLEAF PIXii Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is an easy-to-use small concealable device with super-fast heating technology. Big Clouds and Pure Taste. The LED color on the unit indicates the three different pre-set vaping temperatures (Green 390F / Blue 405F / White 420F), while the isolated airflow tech offers smooth airflow. Start vaping in seconds, control your temperatures, and enjoy the pure flavor with a ceramic heating chamber. The high-grade ceramic heating chamber leads to a perfect vaporization process by baking rather than combustion.

Technical Data:
Size: 90mm*31mm*22mm
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Max Output Watt: 40W
Charging Adapter: 5V 1A
Ceramic Chamber Holds about .03g of ground-up herb

Package Includes:
1* DAZZLEAF PIXii Dry Herb Vaporizer Device
1* Type-C Charging Cable
1* Cleaning Brush
1* Poker Tool
2* Metal Mesh Filters
1* User Manual
1* Gift Box

How to USE:
1. Click 5 times to turn ON/OFF, and PIXii will start heating to the last set temperature.
2. To switch between temperature settings tap the power button once: Green 390F/Blue 405F/White 420F.
3. The small LED button flashes slowly when the device is heating up.
4. When the selected temperature is reached the LED will be solid and ready to use.
5. After 3 minutes the PIXii will turn itself off.

1. Do Not pack the chamber too tight as air must be able to flow between the herb to ensure an even burn.
2. Charge PIXii before first-time use

Charging the PIXii:
1. The LED flashing in red three times means a short circuit inside.
2. The LED flashing in red 10 times means low battery and needs to be charged.
3. When charging the PIXii the LED is Red. Red LED turns off when fully charged.
4. The PIXii will pause working while it is charging.
5. Full Charge Time: 2 hours ( Charge PIXii before first use)

Preparing the PIXii:
1. Caution: While using the PIXii, portions of the device may reach high temperatures. Wait until the device has completely cooled before handling.
2. When loading the PIXii, gently remove the mouthpiece and you will find the heating chamber.
3. Add your dry herb into the ceramic heating chamber, be sure not to over-pack, fill only to the top of the white ceramic chamber part, leaving enough space for the mouthpiece to sit comfortably on top.
4. Do not pack the chamber too tight as this can affect the airflow and will not bake evenly.
5. Once your herb has been added, reattach the mouthpiece and now you're ready to enjoy your day/night.

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