Vapcell INR 18650 3.7V 28A 2000mAh Battery

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The Vapcell INR 18650 Battery is a brand new battery with a Li-Ion type of the 18650 size from the INR series developed and launched by Vapcell. Amazingly, the Vapcell INR 18650 Battery has a high battery capacity which can reach up to 2000mAh in its slim body. When using the Vapcell INR 18650 Battery to power other devices up, its maximum continuous discharge current can is available to 28A, and its rated voltage can is about 3.7V, which is enough to provide a stable and long-lasting output power for your devices.

Technical Data:
Battery Capacity:2000mAh
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Max Continuous Rated Discharge:28A
Charging Time:1.5hours(standard charge)

Package Includes:
1 X Vapcell INR 18650 Battery

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